For over 140 years, healthy sleep and good sleep quality is our topic. Located in the heart of the area in which the industrialization of Germany began, we have always been surrounded by technical progress and the effort to make good even better.

This has also shaped us and made us true connoisseurs of all possibilities to increase your comfort and well-being.

Today's management has played a key role in the development of electromotive beds around the world since 1988, and we have closely followed and accelerated changes in beds with more and more functions and opportunities.

A few years ago, in order to develop your optimal solution, we decided to combine our activities with the work of one of the market leaders in the field of care beds and related mattress systems, the company TekVor Care.

This cooperation has enormously expanded our possibilities. Our plants in 3 countries and 2 continents produce more than 100,000 electrically adjustable beds per year. Many of them with special and patented features. Due to the close cooperation of our development centers in Germany, the USA and China, our products are also more innovative, functional, beautiful and of course much more comfortable.

Especially for the development towards complete bed systems and box spring solutions, this step of merging was very helpful and has multiplied our possibilities.

With all the progress, however, we have remained what we have always been. A medium-sized German family business that lives up to its values. Honesty, trust, mutual respect, motivation, but also customer orientation, seriousness, reliability, sustainability and innovation are not just buzzwords with us, they are lived.

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